Der Lebens

Another Poetry blog

by chad van reynolds, sole ownership and rights

vampire II

The castle rising in the night’s sky the old thirsts almost forgotten by a select few that rule the very night looking for a mother to bring fresh into the fold for all the eons it cost for some lousy gold and a plot of forever in a land so creepy binary to the touchContinue reading “vampire II”

Crescent Moon

Crescent Moon as night descends and I ascend as I take you with let the moon be our guide for feed of this night perhaps our final as we die this time eternal our love is evermore but our frail bodies lie in our coffins during the day letting it go just for a littleContinue reading “Crescent Moon”

… the love

If I die let my soul weep for the chance I missed marrying you so long ago in the dungeons of my heart I pledged on my knees the vow of many o nights to be with you as the moon never sets on the days that I love you as it goes on andContinue reading “… the love”

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